All About Julia

Here is the condensed story of Julia Yeager.

It all started on a cloudy June day in Northern Vermont…. (yes, I claim to be a Oregonian despite the first 10 years of my existence)

<< 8 years go by >>

My mom, who was finishing up her master’s degree at St. Michael’s University in Burlington, Vermont, started talking about bringing our family overseas for her to teach English.  I wanted to go to CHINA!

<< 1 year goes by >>

We set out on an adventure, my parents, my sister, Leah (11 years old), and me (9 years old) for a year in Tatabanya, Hungary.  My love for travel is born.

<< 1 year goes by >>

Driving across the country in a ’89 Ford Escort in mid August with no AC and two young girls… my family, upon returning to Vermont from Hungary, moves to Medford, Oregon.

<< 5 years go by >>

While touring universities in the Pacific NW for my sister, Leah, entering her senior year of high school, I become jealous. I was only entering my sophomore year but I was ready to be done with high school too, ready to take on the world!

<< 1 year goes by >>

I set out on another adventure – 16 years old and I’m hopping on a plane to Europe again, this time alone, to spend a year in the Netherlands as an exchange student.  My love for travel only grows.

<< 2 years go by >>

After a year abroad, my senior year of high school and six weeks after high school travelling in Europe, I stay relatively close to home and pursue my bachelors degree in Accounting at Oregon State University, in Corvallis, Oregon.  (Can I get a “GO BEAVS?”)

<< 4 years go by >>

With a diploma in hand I move to the great metropolis surrounding Portland, Oregon to start a career!

<< 4 years go by >>

Bored and restless in accounting, unsure of my career options, I look into furthering my education.  Perhaps a MBA would do the trick.  Wait, there is an INTERNATIONAL business program at Portland State University??  You get to TRAVEL on this program??  Sign me up!  (No really, less than 5 months after hearing about the Master of International Management program I started classes.)

Wait…  as part of this program they not only require a trip to Asia, but also require you to take a year of Chinese or Japanese in this program.  Thus, I begin learning 中文 and find myself in Asia.

My first trip to Asia with the MIM Program, March 2010

Infatuated once again with a passion to continue exploring…


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