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My Memo

I have always been a dog person.  I absolutely love dogs, especially big dogs.  However, when I was in college at Oregon State, I wanted a pet and my landlord said, “No dogs!”  So I went and found myself a cat, who over the past 9 years I have grown to love dearly.  Jack is part of my family and I was very, very sad to have to leave him behind in the States.  I knew that Shanghai would be no place for my cat who loves going outside and roaming around; so luckily, he has a wonderful new home with my mom and her husband.

My boy, Jack, playing with a plant at his new home in Eugene

I do miss Jack, and most of my life I have had animals around.  When I see the cats on the streets of Shanghai, I want to take them home and love on them – even more so when I see little homeless kittens. So when my roommate asked the other day if I would mind getting a cat, it was hard for me to say no.  I knew no one would ever replace my dear Jack and also that I will eventually have to leave this cat behind when I go back to the States.  Yet, having a cat still seemed like something I could deal with.  Not nearly as much work as a dog, cute, cuddly and sweet.  Jane said she wanted a Persian – I said I wanted to rescue a street kitten.

The very next day, after our cat discussion, my roommate, Jane, called me up and said, “I found kittens! Come help me pick one out!” I thought she was out to dinner with friends, so I was a bit confused.  It turned out she was out to dinner – and outside the restaurant where she was eating someone had dropped off 4 little teeny kittens.  The people running the restaurant were trying to give them away.

Left behind tabby...

Jane refuses to have a black cat, even an adorable black tabby cat, so we were left with the two white cats with black spots to chose from.  We picked one, went inside where Jane still had to eat her dinner and I grabbed a drink and began discussing names.  Jane’s friend and friend’s boyfriend were there and we were throwing out every possible name or word we thought of for a name.  After about an hour of either Jane, me or both of us turning down suggestions, I finally asked, “What is the name of this place anyways?”  Memo.  So it was decided, we named our new dear kitten Memo – after the place where we got her.


Riding home in style

Memo came home in a Jack Daniels box, taking the taxi with Jane and I.  Before coming home we swung by the pet shop that is just next to our apartment complex.  They had closed at 9pm and it was 9:30pm.  Yet, Jane managed to convince them (the door was unlocked still so we walked in) to give our little dirty street kitten named Memo a bath before we took her home.

Not appreciating our first bath - luckily I convinced Jane that cats do not need to be bathed on a regular basis

Equipped with food and litter for the night, from the people at the restaurant, and a clean kitten, we went home to play with Memo until we were all ready to sleep.  The next morning, we were back in the pet shop for more supplies, the cleaning of Memo’s ears (which desperately needed it) and trimming of her nails.

Spoiled already - eating dinner in bed! (actually ON my bed)

Memo is a little teeny thing, only about 45 days old.  She has teeth and can eat dry cat food, she knows how to use the litter box, but can barely jump on my low bed and feels so fragile in my hands!  She is scared to leave my bedroom and burrows under the covers to sleep when no one is around. Her black spots are actually striped and she looks like she is wearing a crown with the spot on her head.

Passed out under my comforter

She is a lucky girl coming home with us, and will most certainly be spoiled.


Bird and Flower Market

I took a walk today to finally check out the Bird and Flower market right up the street from where I live.  I think it would be better described as the “Small Animal and Cricket Market”, but that is just me.  They did have some plants and flowers… along with many, many other things to see.

All sorts of plants to see... from cacti to roses

A room of plants

But plants weren’t what I was most interested in looking at – or in photographing.  All the other living creatures were my fascination.

Like the crickets – a common pet in China since long, long ago.  Kept for their song or for cricket fighting – which apparently is popular in the early autumn.  I might need to check this out.  I have always hated crickets – they drive me crazy.  But these were all caged so they weren’t as bad.

All sorts of crickets!!

Little teeny crickets

BIG crickets

Crickets eating cabbage for lunch!

There are all sorts of accessories and homes you can buy for your pet crickets as well, like little houses or a food dish.  A common way to keep a cricket is in a small, dried, hollowed out gourd.  Apparently this amplifies their song.  In the market, however, as you can probably imagine, it was very loud with millions of crickets chirping away.

Little woven cages - all full of crickets!

Every cricket needs a dish to eat from - right?

If the chirping of the crickets wasn’t enough commotion for you, there is always the chirping of birds.

A shop full of little bird cages - each with at least one bird.

Any kind of bird you would like…

Baby birds - chicks and ducks

Adult birds

Big birds and little birds

And of course for your birds, you need some food!  (I don’t think these ones are pets…)

mmmm.... maggots

Alongside the birds, crickets and plants were fish and reptiles too!  Again, in all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Fishy, fishy!

Fishies with their alert guard cat

Little turtles...

Big turtles!

Land turtles...

And funny looking sea turtles

And a few lizards... (Bearded Dragon?)

Now, I have a huge heart for animals.  It doesn’t bother me to see insects in cages, or maggots as food.  Those with scales and feathers can some times be sad to see.  But when it comes to furry friends, they really break my heart.  So if your heart for animals is even half the size of mine – be forewarned, it may be hard to get out of the market alone.  Unfortunately, I can’t take them all home…

Guinea Pigs


Mice, hamsters, whatever you want...

Bunny rabbits

And bunnies galore

Kittens crammed in cages

More kittens...

Sweet grey kitty...

Little dogs

Bigger puppies - this sweet thing broke my heart 😦

Lots of animals needing lots of love…

The bird and flower market is a neat place to check out, but you can expect to be heartbroken by all the animals and the conditions they are kept in.

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