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A Brief Return -Finally!

Three years! Wow.

Part of me says, has it really been three years? The other half of me says, it seems like a lifetime ago. But in reality, it has been just 2 weeks shy of three years since I packed my bags and returned to the US from China.

In those three years, a lot has happened – good and bad – but ultimately, I couldn’t be happier with where I have ended up. Yet, in those three years, I quit blogging (obviously) and have not once left the country. Well folks, it is time for a change…

Gotta pack my bags because I’m getting out of these United States! This time, with my new found partner in life and adventure, my fiance, John. We will be traveling to Shanghai for a very, very short 5 day visit. I want to show John the place I called home for 14 months, and also catch up with some dear friends!

A recent photo of my new travel partner and me!

Then we will be heading to Malaysia (a new destination for us both) where we will soak up the warm weather while exploring Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan, Sabah, Langkawi and more!

I am worse than a child the night before Christmas, 4 days out from the trip I was already unable to fall asleep at night because I was anxiously and excitedly going over logistics in my head. I find it humorous that I’m not even stressing about Malaysia – I know NOTHING about getting around Malaysia! I have never even been there. Yet, I’m stressing about China, where I lived!

It is going to be a vacation of a lifetime and that is why I am putting this blog post out there. This is me announcing to the world, that I will not let the trip of a lifetime come and go without documenting our adventures. I love writing and I miss it. It irks me that I have completely given up on writing. I cannot let that happen in the next month. I want to have something to look back on (other than just photos) to relive the stories and memories of our trip.

Now, I am not just holding myself accountable. The word is out – don’t let me slack! I am using this blog as a platform as a) it already exists and has an audience, or did at one time b) it is really the only available platform I have and c) I’m revisiting China – and my Life in China – so the posts should be at least remotely relevant.


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